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Certified Athletic Trainer Registration & Fees

Here at, we have made the registration process quick and simple. The registration only takes a few minutes to complete the required sections. Once your information has been received, a confirmation notice will be e-mailed to the address you provide. Your membership ID will follow within 24 hours giving you access to create your profile and begin your search for the perfect job.

Fees: For only $29.95 a year, you can view and apply for an unlimited number of jobs and communicate with other certified athletic trainers in the community forum.

Other Info: To register for membership to this website, you must meet the following qualifications and hold valid certifications and/or registrations.

  1. You must be certified through the Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers (BOCATC) and be in good standing with both the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and BOCATC. In addition, you will need to have proof of certification, by the BOCATC, if asked to present verification.
  2. You must be licensed or registered by your respective states department of Health as a certified athletic trainer to work an event from Athletictrainer4hire. Documentation must be available if asked to present verification.
  3. You must hold a valid and current certification for both CPR training and AED training through a nationally recognized association such as the American Red Cross.
  4. You should have proof of a valid professional liability insurance policy with a minimum coverage of 1 million dollars.
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